How To Create The Life Of Your Dreams

 The Key To Using The Law Of
Attraction Successfully

Let me ask you – if I could give the key to having whatever you wanted in life, would you use it?

Well Of Course You Would!  So Read On As I Reveal The Key To Using The Law Of Attraction Successfully.

Sue Archibald.

Well, the film “The Secret” created an instant buzz of excitement around the world, the idea that you could just decide what you wanted in your life and then visualize it and it would arrive was very exciting.  Think about it for a moment – what would make your life happier and more complete

  • Would more money be the first thing on your list?
  • Would a soulmate who would be your lover and friend complete your life?
  • Do you want a more rewarding job? 
  • Or are you looking for freedom from the 9–5 grind. 
  • Or is optimal health your most important choice?

Well the good news is that the Law of Attraction DOES WORK and you can make it work for you.  Highly successful people report they have used it to get where they are today.  In fact research has shown that extremely successful people report that by simply changing their thinking and focusing on abundance and what they wanted to create, was the major factor in changing their lives.

Focus Like A Laser

I first became involved in the personal development industry 17 years ago, teaching clients how to live the life they desired, which included using the Law of Attraction.

When I started teaching I found that when clients were on the course they achieved things very easily…then I would see some of them at a Seminar, months or even years after they had ‘graduated’ and ask them how things were going?

The answer all too often was, “Oh, well I had to put things on hold, as work got so busy and then I had family problems and then… and then…and then… but I’m here now, as I need to get back on track”.

They had lost their focus.

So, in order to help people stay focused and on track, the ‘Today Is My Day screensaver was developed.

The most important thing when using the Law of Attraction is focus.  It gets you to think, to be alert, to take off the blinkers so that you see what’s going on around you on a daily basis…it’s about being ready for opportunities in the most unlikely of places and seizing them!
The Key To Making The Law of Attraction Work For You Is -


Success will follow automatically if you focus on what you want, visualize yourself in possession of it and take action when the Universe presents you with opportunities…. the Law of Attraction then becomes unstoppable. 

SUSTAINED FOCUS, SPECIFIC VISUALIZATION AND CONSISTENT ACTION turns your request into a heat seeking missile.  It provides the concentrated energy to continue to propel your own personal missile until it hones in on the target you have set and visualized. 

Turn off the focus and visualization and your missile is no longer active. Stop taking consistent action and your heat seeking missile will stop, just like your car does when you run out of petrol….in other words if you are not focusing on what you want to attract into your life, then you are probably focusing on precisely the things you don’t want.


Tap Into The Power Of The Law Of Attraction

The ‘Today Is My Day’ screensaver has been designed to help you stay focused.  It will remind you to  focus and visualize precisely what you want, in order to keep your own personal heat seeking missile powered up and on target.

It is quick and easy to use (it’s designed for busy people like you) and the powerful affirmations should be read out loud to yourself with ‘emotion and feeling’.  Then visualize yourself in possession of what you want to attract and feel the excitement of owning it.          

This means that whenever your computer is idle, the ‘Today is My Day’ screensaver will remind you to focus on what you want.  Prompt you to visualize it in your possession and to feel the excitement of receiving it.  And to take action when opportunities present themselves. 

However, a word of warning.… the ‘Today Is My Day’ screensaver is a tool, not a magic wand!  If you are too busy to stop for a couple of minutes to use this tool or not prepared to put in the effort so you can reap the rewards down the track…then this tool will not work for you.

However, the interesting thing is that, if you read these positive affirmations daily your thoughts and attitude will change….if your attitude changes – your results will change…and if your results change, you will change your life

Start Using The Law of Attraction To Create The
Life Of Your Dreams Today.

So, if you are serious and really want to: -

  • Develop sustained focus on exactly what you want in your life.
  • Accelerate the creation of the life of your dreams.
  • Be automatically reminded, to spend a few moments visualizing specifically what you want to attract and create in your life.
  • Take consistent action and seize opportunities that are presented to you, to move closer to the life you desire.
  • Develop an unshakeable belief that whatever you desire is coming to you and gratitude for what you are about to receive.
  • Be provided with the concentrated energy you need, to propel your personal heat seeking missile to create the life that until now you have only been dreaming of.


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The 100% No-Risk-To-You Guarantee

I personally guarantee that if you are not absolutely delighted with the screensaver; today-is-my-day, then at any time in the next 56 days just let me know and I'll be happy to give you a full refund, no questions asked.


As the American philosopher William James said, “To change one’s life, do it immediately”



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